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Emily Blunt
Personal Quotes
I'd love to be exciting and say that I was the rebel at school, but sadly I wasn't.

(On her manipulative character in My Summer of Love (2004)) "Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone's
got a bit of "Tamsin" in them".

(On being an actress) "You feel very much like a puppet, but it had been what I was accustomed to - so you just
get on with it and try to find something that rings true."

(On why she is often cast as the bad-girl) "I have sly eyes. When I was in school they always said, 'Emily can
never be elected Head Girl because you never know what she's thinking."

(On Susan Sarandon) "She's just a force of nature. Amazing to work with. We just had such a laugh. And, she's
frighteningly smart".

(On becoming a successful actress) "It was just crazy. It just sort of fell into my lap. It's an awful story for
people who've struggled and waited. It's a horrible thing to hear. It was just incredibly fortunate. And now I can't
believe I was so casual about it, because I really wouldn't want to do anything else."

(On her childhood) "My head was occupied all the time. I was confused about what I wanted to do or who I was;
I didn't really feel I had an identity growing up."

(On performing period-drama dialogue) "I mean, you try to make it as real as possible but when you have lines
like 'The fallen eagle is Caesar; the vulture Octavius, and there is one, yet to be decided, who will betray them
all'. And you're just like, 'Great, how am I going to make that work?'."

(On accepting her Golden Globe in 2007 without a written speech) "The Globes night was a frenzy: I hadn't
written anything. I looked down at the audience and Jack Nicholson was staring up at me and I couldn't even
remember what my bloody name was. So I have learnt my lesson!".

I couldn't talk as a kid because I stammered all the time, so I would just watch. I'm fascinated by human
behavior. People surprise me all the time. And I love being able to morph into different characters.

[on playing her second lesbian character in a film] I'm going to become a gay icon. Have I ever flirted with that
side? No, never [but] I do remember girl crushes on other girls in my year group [at school]. There are these
girls who are magnetic and beautiful and sooo cool. You just feel yourself shrink in their presence.

[on acting] I guess it's not really a job, is it? I was speaking to Billy Connolly the other day and we were talking
about the work he's done for Comic Relief and all that he's done in Africa and I was saying 'Gosh, sometimes I
just wonder if I have a worthwhile job', and he said: 'I'm going to stop you there. You have an incredibly
important job. You offer people an escape, you offer people a way out and some relief from anything they
might be going through and it's a very important job.' Because he was so adamant about it and spoke very
passionately about why it was an important job, it's the first time I've realised that it might be that.

I wonder if I'll be alive? God knows. I'm not very good at looking that far ahead. I'd love to not have a walker at
80. I'd love to still be upright. And children and grandchildren, I'd love that. I'd love not to be a cantankerous old
bat. I'd love to be a fun-loving nana. -- on what will she be like at age 80

Yes. I heard a conversation with a studio head who said that they're willing to make an Adam Sandler film or a
Will Smith film and maybe one $20m film a year and that's it. That's quite worrying that the studios are only
going to be willing to spend money on films that are no risk, with the big stars that everyone is going to flock to
see. So unfortunately there's a lot of films with a very human heartbeat that aren't getting seen or made. I think
there's a great sadness in that. -- on if she worries about independent, offbeat films will struggle to get made
because of the economic climate

I think it's embarrassing to hear people talk about their process because you always sound a bit wanky. You
always imagine people are reading the article going: 'Oh, get a real job.'

I learned very early on to reel everything in. Sometimes you just shouldn't do anything because the camera
sees everything - like the smallest flick of your eye and it catches it and it reads as something. The
performances I enjoy are the ones that are hard to read or ambiguous or left-of-centre because it makes you
look closer and that's what humans are like - quite mysterious creatures, hard to pinpoint.

It's a film where human behavior is so fascinating that I could watch someone making pancakes with their child
all day because of everything that's going on between them. That little boy - I want to cry thinking about it - he
was just magical in it. It's the best performance by a kid I've ever seen --
on one of her favorite films, Kramer vs. Kramer (1979).

Bought a $2.2 million new house in Vancouver where she lived with her boyfriend at the time, pop singer
Michael Bublé.

Co-star Meryl Streep has praised Blunt as the best young actress she's worked with in some time, perhaps

Named Best Female Scene-Stealer for her performance in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) by Entertainment

She was told to lose weight for her role as Emily in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). She revealed this in a 2006
interview with Craig Ferguson. Co-star Anne Hathaway tells a similar story, and reports that she and Emily
were always hungry on-set due to being kept on strict diets to maintain the rail-thin "super-model" look.

For her breakout performance in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Emily convinced David Frankel that her
character should be British rather than American. Emily also improvised many of her lines and told
interviewers that she based the character on people she's met, but would never want to associate with.

In 2004, Emily shared the prestigious Evening Standard British Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer with
Natalie Press.

Acting and adopting new accents helped her to overcome a debilitating speech impediment at age 12.

Admits she and her The Devil Wears Prada (2006) co-star Stanley Tucci competed to see who could be more
over-the-top in their scenes. Tucci admits his young co-star won "hands down".

At the 2002 Chichester Festival, Emily earned rave reviews playing Juliet in a production of Romeo and Juliet.

Favourite actresses are: Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson, Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.

Made her theatrical debut alongside Dame Judi Dench in The Royal Family. She had only six months of formal
acting training before gaining the role of Gwen.

Susan Sarandon asked her to audition for the role of Mara in Irresistible (2006) after seeing My Summer of Love

Upon filming their first scene together for The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Meryl Streep laughed that Blunt should
be given the film carbon copy, rather than steal the movie.

She is not related to singer James Blunt.

She is the great-niece of actor and retired Major-General Tony Richardson.

Grew up in Roehampton, London.

The new face of Max Mara add campaign (2007).

Her ex-boyfriend Michael Bublé's wrote the hit single "Everything" for her. She is also on his album "Call Me
Irresponsible", where she sings briefly at the end of the song "Me and Mrs. Jones".

Was named as one of Screen International's "Stars of Tomorrow" alongside James McAvoy, Noel Clarke,
Michelle Ryan and Rupert Friend.

Attended the 2008 Park City - Kari Feinstein Sundance Style Lounge.

Broke up with longtime boyfriend Michael Bublé in July 2008. They had been together since 2005.

Best friends with actress Anne Hathaway. Emily refers to Anne as "her rock".

Announced her engagement to actor John Krasinski on August 28, 2009. They have been together since
November 2008.

Is a strong alto singer.

Is a grade 8 cellist.

At 16, was offered a record deal after a producer spotted her in the musical 'Bliss' at the Edinburgh Festival.

Had a hamster named Tigger.

Was in a relationship with JJ Feild, her "Death on the Nile" costar. [2004]

Was considered to replace Katie Holmes in The Dark Knight, but lost out to Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Was in consideration for the role of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady (2012) after Keira Knightley dropped out of
the project, but Carey Mulligan was cast instead.

Was considered to play Madolyn in The Departed.

Was originally cast as Black Widow in Iron Man 2, but dropped out due to commitments to Gulliver's Travels.
Scarlett Johansson replaced her.

Was in consideration for the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), but Hayley
Atwell was cast instead.

Birth Name
Emily Olivia Leah Blunt

5' 7½" (1.71 m)

Mini Biography
Emily Blunt is a British actress best known for her roles in The Young Victoria (2009) and The Devil Wears
Prada (2006).

She was born Emily Olivia Leah Blunt on February 23, 1983, in Roehampton, South West London, England, the
second of four children in the family of a teacher mother and barrister father. She received a rigorous
education at Ibstock Place School, a co-ed private school at Roehampton. However, young Emily Blunt had a
stammer, since she was a kid of 8. Her mother took her to relaxation classes, which did not do anything. She
reached a turning point at 12, when a teacher cleverly asked her to play a character with a different voice and
said, "I really believe in you". Blunt ended up using a northern accent, and it did the trick, her stammer

From 1999 - 2001, Blunt went to Hurtwood House, the top co-ed boarding school where she would excel at
sport, cello and singing. She also had two years of drama studies at Hurtwood's theatre course. In August 2000,
she was chosen to perform at the Edinburgh Festival. She was signed up by agent, Ken McReddie, who led her
to the West End and the BBC, scoring her roles in several period dramas on stage as well as on TV
productions, such as "Foyle's War", "Henry VIII", and "Empire". In 2001, she appeared as "Gwen Cavendish"
opposite Dame Judi Dench in Sir Peter Hall's production of "The Royal Family" at Haymarket Theatre. For that
role, she won the Evening Standard Award for Best Newcomer. In 2002, she played "Juliet" in "Romeo and
Juliet" at the prestigious Chichester Festival.

Blunt's career ascended to international fame after she starred as "Isolda" opposite Alex Kingston in Boudica
(2003). A year later, she won critical acclaim for her breakout performance as "Tamsin", a well-educated,
cynical and deceptive 16-year-old beauty in My Summer of Love (2004), a story of two lonely girls from the
opposite ends of the social heap. Emily Blunt and her co-star Natalie Press shared an Evening Standard British
Film award for Most Promising Newcomer. In 2005, she spent a few months in Australia filming Irresistible
(2006) with Susan Sarandon and Sam Neill. Blunt gave an impressive performance as "Mara", a cunning young
destroyer who acts crazy and surreptitiously provokes paranoia in others. She also continued her work on
British television, starring as "Natasha" in Stephen Poliakoff's Gideon's Daughter (2005) (TV) opposite Bill
Nighy, a role that won her a 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role.

She continued the line of playing manipulative characters as Emily, a caustic put-upon assistant to Meryl
Streep's lead in The Devil Wears Prada (2006). Blunt's performance with a neurotic twist added a dimension of
sarcasm to the comedy, and gained her much attention as well as new jobs: in two dramas opposite Tom
Hanks, then in the title role in period drama The Young Victoria (2009).

Emily Blunt is a highly versatile actress and a multifaceted person. Her talents include singing and playing
cello; she is also skilled at horseback riding. She was in a relationship with Canadian singer Michael Bublé,
whom she met at the Australian Logie Awards in 2005, and again a few months later backstage at his Los
Angeles concert. Their relationship ended in 2008. Emily Blunt divides her time between her two residences,
one is her home in London, and one in Los Angeles, California.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Steve Shelokhonov
Emily Blunt.

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