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2/20/08 This is Christina Ricci in her latest role - as a girl who has a pig snout
for a nose.

The 27-year-old plays the lead in the film Penelope, about an aristocratic
heiress who was born with the nose as the result of a family curse.

The curse can only be broken when she finds true love.

That comes in the form of her co-star, Scottish actor James McAvoy who plays
a down on his luck gambler hired by a tabloid reporter who wants to get a shot
of Penelope and her pig snout, which she usually hides with a scarf.

In the film’s trailer McAvoy, 28, is seen pushing Ricci on a swing and playing
music to her on a double bass.

The film’s producer, Reese Witherspoon, also makes an appearance on
screen as the carefree character Annie.

In a recent interview with the US edition of Marie Claire, Witherspoon, 31, spoke
of her delight at making the film and working with co-stars McAvoy and Ricci.

She says she was drawn to the story because of the lead character.

Witherspoon, who won an Oscar for her role in Walk the Line, says: “[It was] the
ability of this young woman to supersede social expectations of what she
should look like and learn to love herself for who she is - including her pig
nose [that inspired me].

“This is a film that let’s people know that it’s OK to be unique. It’s OK to be
different; it’s actually better.

“I felt it could really speak to people, particularly young women, about self-

“Penelope is original and funny and romantic and I can’t believe it’s finally
coming out.”

Witherspoon is also complimentary about her co-stars in this movie,
particularly Ricci who had to strap on a prosthetic - and unflattering - pig’s
nose. “Christina is such a trouper,” says Witherspoon. “She was enthusiastic
about wearing it.

“All vanity went out the window. I think she has always valued how unique she
is and has used that in her performances. I admire her tremendously.

“As for Penelope’s pig nose, it took quite a while to develop. We worked with a
makeup artist to make it look as authentic as possible.”

Witherspoon also lavishes praise on McAvoy, the film’s male lead. She says:
“James is the heart of the film. His caring and compassion for Penelope is just
palpable. He’s a really soulful actor, incredibly intelligent and kind.

“He was a real get for us.”

As for her onscreen performance, Witherspoon says: “Annie [her character in
the movie] is a bike messenger in the city and she talks a lot and has a lot of