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A week or so before Fashion Week, the CFDA held a panel discussion on the body image in the fashion industry
at Milk Studios. Entitled "The Beauty of Health: Resizing the Sample Size," speakers included Zac Posen, casting
agent James Scully, and model Doutzen Kroes. Apparently the thinspirational size 0 or 00  models that  are still
working the runways scare designers, editors, casting agents, and fellow models. Panelists agreed that the trend
of prepubescent, skeletal models needs to change, but said it’s going to take a collective effort by the entire
fashion industry to do it.
But I think the greatest quote from the evening came from Casting Agent James Scully who said, "I can open up
any magazine or go to any show and tell you what girls are taking Adderall, how many girls are taking Vicodin, how
many girls are throwing up — girls are really resorting to dangerous things," "I will applaud Anna Wintour and this
forum, because it changed how I passed — it made me ask girls' ages," Scully continued. "You know, there are
times when I will have to book a Karlie Kloss because she’s exceptional, but what makes me sad is the disloyalty
in this agency and the way these girls are discarded as though they're meat. To me, for Karlie Kloss, what is to say
what happened to Gemma Ward, what happened to Hilary Rhoda will not happen to her? We all love her today, but
when she grows breasts and she turns 18 are we all going to turn on her?" Posen added, "I think we created a
droid-like mold and … fashion editors or stylists or now even buyers are trained to look at that and say I can’t see
continuity unless I see the same droid-like skeleton on the runway."
Scully is also troubled by the ages of the top runway girls. "It will never happen, but I would love to see a
minimum age of 18, and even that’s not old enough for some of these girls, because it’s hard, and I just think it’s
a lot for some of these girls to psychologically deal with.” He continued, “It’s really sad to look at a room of 16-
year-old girls who watch Lara Stone walk into a room and they all look at her and say, 'That’s who I want to be,' and
Lara Stone looks at them and says, 'I feel terrible about myself.'"
Doutzen Kroes made a decision to take her career in a different direction because she didn't want to starve
herself. "I probably fit the sample size once, when I was eleven or twelve. It became a problem — I was always
told lots of times that I should lose weight. It was a thing, ‘You look great, but you should probably lose a few
pounds,'" Kroes explained. "That kept going on until I was about 22, and when I was like, ‘This is crazy,’ because I
would look in the mirror and I like the way I look." So Kroes met with her agents: "What we called now a so-called
'ass meeting,' because I have one, I have one. It was there, and you know I could maybe get rid of it, I had a
choice, not eat maybe for weeks."
Unlike many models, Kroes had the luxury to choose which direction she wanted to take her career. "I think this
is what a lot of girls don’t have now — they have to go back to poor countries if they don’t fit the sample sizes
and I hope that after what I’ve done, I’ve chosen that I want to have a healthy lifestyle with the body that I have
and work around it and I hope there will be more opportunity for girls to have a choice like that," she added. In
fact, she credits food to her success. "When you don’t eat, you get grumpy, you don’t feel good. So how can you
have joy in what you’re doing? And I have that joy and I think that’s what clients see and that’s why I work for two
huge global brands. They like working with me, and it’s because I’m eating! There are naturally skinny girls, but
not all of them and I’m not one of them."
Check out Doutzen Below... that really is a weight gain..
Then Page Six Magazine contained roughly 2,500 words on Gemma Ward's fallout from the fashion industry is
because she gained weight. The piece is a disturbing chronicle of Ward's transition from teenager to adult and
how the industry views it. Now 22, Ward was discovered in Perth, Australia, at the age of 14. She appeared on
more than twenty Vogue covers, landing her first American Vogue cover at just 16. She was super bone thin,
and looked like a beautiful angel alien. But then in 2007, she walked the Chanel show in a denim bikini
shocking Prothinspo to talk about her weight gain instead of how thinspirational she was… and another editor
had this to say about her weight gain…"I almost didn't recognize her," says the editor, who confesses she was
aghast. Compared to the other ultraskinny models, Ward looked as if she had gained 10 to 15 pounds, "big,
almost bloated."
A photo agent who worked with Ward said that for every model with staying power, there are twenty who don't
make it past age 18 — that time when girls become women, and grow breasts and hips, and gain the weight
that is a natural part of growing up.
"It's an image-driven industry that doesn't take kindly to the girl who bucks the trend. Clients start saying,
'She's fat now, don't book her!' If you want to be cynical about it, looking that way was her job. She doesn't want
to do what it takes, she's not going to get work. That's just the way it is."
. But Ward could not grow up and gain the curves nature intended. She had a super skinny body and that is
what the industry expected of her when they hired her.. Not this bigger 22 year old. But there is more to her
weight gain… In the aftermath of Ledger's death, Ward retreated further from the fashion world. The
supermodel put on a more noticeable amount of weight and gossips began to surmise that his death had been
the trigger for her so-called "emotional eating." Another anonymous source offered: "Gemma's torn. In the last
few years [her weight gain] was very much her f--k you to the industry. She's rebelling by putting on 30 or 40
pounds, so now going back isn't a straightforward option.


The world's top models flew to Brazil last week to walk in São Paolo Fashion Week. And as it
came to a close, Paulo Borges, the event's creative director, said he was alarmed by how
emaciated the girls looked. Though many of the models are Brazilian, they are based in the
U.S. or Europe most of the year. The AFP reports:
[T]he perceived new push towards skeletal models was a worry.
"This situation cannot be ignored," Borges said, urging those in the fashion industry to
stand up against the new trend.
"We would like to propose a joint effort towards minimizing this issue and preventing the
effects of this trend on models, on our industry and on society itself," he said.
We perceive nothing new about the "push toward skeletal models." Every season the
Brazilian event has seemed to employ models that were no meatier than those who walk
regularly in New York, Paris, or Milan — even though three years ago organizers introduced
minimum age requirements and mandated that agencies and designers issue health reports
to help create "a positive message" about modeling. Maybe regulating model age and
passing out pamphlets about health don't have any effect on the image the industry has of
the ideal girl. Certainly when our CFDA set up a booth in the tents to provide information
about eating disorders, no one went!
Backstage last night before Erin Wasson's RVCA show at ABC Carpet and Home,
model Ali Stephens recalled fond memories of working with Alexander McQueen. She
walked in his spring 2009 show. "He was amazing. He was so nice. You could tell he
really cared about people, too, and that he cared about the girls," she said. "I don’t
ever remember any bad experience with him at all, or anything like that. He wouldn’t
be the type of guy who would be like, ‘Oh if you don’t fit that outfit, you’re out of the
show.'" Does that happen a lot with designers? "Uh, yeah!" Stephens said. "I mean it
depends [on the designer], but that could get me into a whole mess of trouble."

Stephens, who is very tall, very thin, and very gorgeous, said it has happened to her:
"Oh yeah. Of course." She continued, "I’m not the typical skinny — I have hips. I love
my body but I’m not one of the girls willing to starve themselves for fashion, so I do
what shows I can but I don’t, pressure myself to fit into the sample sizes." Because of
this Stephens only walks a few shows a season now. "I do good shows but I'm not a
show girl. I was in the beginning of my career. But I grew up," she said. "I'm 18." We
reminded her that's still young. "I know — I haven’t grown up. What am I talking
about?" she said, laughing. "But it’s hard for these girls, you know? You start out
when you’re 16 and your body is, you know, naturally a rail and then you grow up and
it’s just unhealthy to make it a rail when it’s not."

Stephens has no current plans to go to Milan or London Fashion Weeks. She was
hesitant to admit that European shows demanded skinnier models. "No, it’s true. It is.
It makes no sense to hide it," she said. "You have to speak out about it. Europe is
definitely, I think, skinnier. But it all just really depends on the designer and their
aesthetic, which I respect. So I understand if I’m not somebody’s ideal. You know, so
whatever works for them. But it’s always important to remember that models are
humans. We’re not just ghosts."
The Cut
British paper The Independent says plus-size models are increasingly sought after these days. "[D]
esigners, retailers and magazine editors demand women with curves," the paper trumpets. Their

• Mark Fast used size 12 and 14 models in his runway show in September. He says he will use models of
similar sizes again next month.
• Marks & Spencer will reportedly use a plus-size model in its lingerie campaign.
• Asos recently used a plus-size model in some ads.
• Catalogue company Boden is reportedly "thinking about using bigger models."
• The head booker at Hughes Models, a plus-size agency in the U.K., says she added twenty girls to her
roster last year, "which is a lot."

The paper quotes fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, who says, "There is now a real ripple of interest
around models that are different from the standard catwalk model, who is too thin." She's right, there is
"a real ripple of interest" right now, and V's latest size issue is just one indication. But does it signify a
genuine desire on behalf of the industry to project healthier body images to the world? It is perhaps
too soon to tell, but it seems like a passing fad. So often fashion spreads of plus-size women, who are
quite frequently naked for no apparent reason, seem to be a vehicle for gawking at a shape that is so
different from what our eyes are used to. Fast will get plenty of attention for using plus-size women in
his show again next month. But why not use women who are size 8? You hardly have to look at
Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 Alien shoes to understand fashion is all about extremes, and a girl
twenty pounds heavier than most runway models isn't as extreme as a girl who's 70 pounds heavier.
We'd so much rather designers embrace women of an average size who are not overweight (or within
the healthy range but as close as they can be to overweight).

Read more: World Increasingly Fascinated With Plus-Size Models -- The Cut http://nymag.

Read more: World Increasingly Fascinated With Plus-Size Models -- The Cut http://nymag.
About 50 politicians in France are backing a proposed law to label retouched images as such to
help fight eating disorders and body-image issues among young women. Kind of like how
cigarettes come with a health warning. Advertising, press photographs, political campaigns, art
photography, and images on packaging would all be affected if the law is passed. However,
people in the glossy perfect-image business aren't having it.

“The camera has always lied and always will,” commented Tony Chambers, editor in chief of
Wallpaper and a former art director of British GQ. “These things should always be taken with a
pinch of salt. Fantasy and artistic interpretation are core ingredients in fashion, advertising and
art photography.”

So, just to be clear: Shaving fifteen pounds off a girl's hips and thighs is "artistic interpretation."
Marc Ascoli, art director of campaigns for Yohji Yamamoto, Jil Sander, and Chloé, among others,
thinks the law borders on "comical," according to WWD.

“It’s so arbitrary,” he said. “It’s clear that there have been abuses. Sometimes heads are
completely transformed. They’ll change the model’s eye color and hair. Sometimes I have the
impression I’m looking at a window dummy. But there is such a global commercial pressure for

It seems the aim of the law is to partly erase some of that pressure. But also, while these people
work in the image business and know all the manipulation that goes into these images, many
average girls don't. That said, even if models are retouched, they're not getting any fatter anyway.

Read more: Glossy Magazines in France Oppose Proposed Photoshop Regulations -- The Cut http:
Today the New York Times confirms something we've known and held sacred in our hearts for
ages: We are the thinnest county in New York State. Probably one of — if not the — thinnest in the
country. Whereas 67 percent of the nation's population is overweight, only 42 percent of
Manhattan's population is overweight. And sometimes — okay, all the time — being skinny is all
that matters, especially in fashion. Screw job performance, screw health, screw a general state of
happiness — nothing is more important than showing up at a party and being one of the thinnest
people there. Besides, being thin leads to things.

“My mom always says, ‘The smaller the dress size, the larger the apartment,’ ” said one lifelong
Upper East Sider, who said she did not want to be named because she disapproves of the maxim.

Frankly, most of the rich people quoted in the Times article say equally obnoxious things. They all
confess to being gym and salad obsessives, and their heights and weights are all listed in the
article. But at least, unlike fashion models, these folks admit they put a lot of time, effort, and
thought into staying skinny. Where as models "eat burritos and brownie pie all day" and "never
exercise." Because that is even more obnoxious.

Read more: We Are the Thinnest -- The Cut http://nymag.
Usually when fashion magazines put forth these figure-themed issues, they make a show of placing
extra emphasis on people with non-model figures
But British Vogue put supermodel Natalia Vodianova naked on the cover of next month's issue, as if to
remind the world of how perfect her figure is. Inside the magazine, she "talks about her body hang-
ups." So readers are supposed to feel better about their own figure hang-ups, knowing these are
shared by women who look like Natalia?
"My agency thought that I might never do shows, because I was a bit shorter and not skinny enough,"
Vodianova revealed of her early career. "But what happened was; when I gave birth to my first son I
was 19, so I lost a lot of weight. I guess the stress on the body was extreme and I suddenly just turned
into this stick — just the way designers love models — and after Lucas was born that's when my career
took off. I opened a lot of shows on the runway and that's where stars are made in my industry."

Lucas was her third child, born in December of 2001. She was back on the runway two months and 21
days later. So the woman is a freak of nature. A stunningly beautiful, gazellelike freak of nature, but a
freak of nature nonetheless. Leave it to Vogue to make women everywhere feel better about
themselves.... SO FUNNY...
There are three booths in this photo snapped inside the tents today. One booth is for BlackBerry; one is for
Havaianas; and one is the CFDA health and beauty booth, which offers counseling and information on eating
disorders to the fashion masses. Guess which two of these booths have seen 20 to 30 people lining up all day
long, and which one is always empty, save for a lonely staffer gazing longingly at the crowds to the left and

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