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How To Curb Your Appetite with Herbs
The Chinese have used herbs for medicinal purposes for over 4000 years. Today, the
medical community, who once shunned the use of herbs for medicinal purposes, is
starting to take notice of the benefits of using herbs. Herbs are nutritionally sound and
can offer a healthy, natural alternative to nourish and heal the body. Herbs can also give
the body the nutrients that the body does not always get through a regular diet.

Herbs can include leaves, bark, berries, roots, seeds, stems, gums and flowers. They can
also come in many forms including tablets, capsules, bark pieces, powders, extracts,
creams, lotions, oils, liquids and salves. When buying herbs of any kind, it is important to
look for the word "standardized" on the label. Because most herbs are not FDA
approved, the label on herbs provides important safety and dosage information. When
purchasing herbs you should look for freshness. Those that are loose and sold in bulk
have almost no nutritional value. Instead opt for freeze-dried over air-dried herbs.

Herbs have always been used as a weight loss remedy. There are many herbs that can be
used both safely and efficiently to suppress appetite and help control weight loss. For
people need or want to shed a few pounds but who already eat healthy and participate in
regular exercise, adding natural herbs to the diet can help aid in weight control. Herbs
may not be a good choice for those seeking to loose a lot of weight in a short amount of
time. Some herbs do have side effects and some should be taken carefully. As with any
weight loss program or diet, caution should be used and it should be used in conjunction
with regular diet and exercise. The following are good starters to help you curb your
appetite with herbs.

Brazilian Cocoa better known as Chadebugre: This herb is almost identical to caffeine.
Both stimulate the central nervous system and increases metabolic rate. Chadebugre has
a very mild diuretic effect. The side effect of this herb is that is also similar to caffeine,
and diminishes the appearance of cellulite and kicks belly fats ass! Click here to read
more now sold in liquid formula.
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Cayenne: Cayenne pepper when added to food can help stimulate capsaicin, which
stimulates saliva. It also stimulates digestion and can help accelerate the metabolism at a
safe level.
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Super Cayenne 100,000 Hu 250 Caps
Product Features
•        An excellent herbal combo for cardiovascular care
•        Each capsule features 225 mg of cayenne fortified with ginger root, hawthorn berry
and lecithin
•        Terrific for maintaining healthy circulation
Product Description
A hot herbal combo for heart health! Most people recognize cayenne as the fiery pepper
that heats up their favorite spicy dishes, but herbalists will tell you that it's great for
maintaining healthy circulation as well. This special formula features 225 mg of cayenne
fortified with ginger root, hawthorn berry, and lecithin for powerful, all-natural, heart-
health support
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Green Tea: Green tea is a natural stimulant that acts much like coffee, but has the added
benefit of vitamin C and antioxidants. By steeping the tea quickly or for a longer period of
time, it is possible to control the strength of the tea. Green tea is available as a capsule
formula, but works better in the body as a liquid.

Green Tea Liquid Extract 2,000 Mg 1 fl oz (29.6 ml) Liquid
Product Features
•        Alcohol-free liquid extract
•        Holistically Balanced to maintain the herb's natural components
•        Perfect for people who have trouble swallowing pills
Product Description
Green tea is produced from the same plant as teas like oolong and black tea, but it's
oxidized less during processing. The minimal processing and low level of oxidation means
more of the fresh plant's natural components are retained. These components, like EGCG
and antioxidant polyphenols, confer health benefits not possible with more processed tea
varieties. Our new 1:1 Green Tea Liquid Extract is an easy way to make this herb part of your
daily routine. You can rely on its consistent composition--guaranteed to provide 150 mg of
polyphenols in each serving.
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Evening Primrose: This herb has been shown to be effective as a natural alternative to
help reduce cholesterol levels and help people who do not process fats correctly loose
Evening Primrose Oil 1,300 mg 100 Sgels
Product Features
•        A long-time female favorite
•        A natural source of GLA, an omega-6 fatty acid
•        Promotes balance and comfort throughout the menstrual cycle and the menopausal
Product Description
Women of the world cherish evening primrose oil (EPO). It includes high levels of gamma
linolenic acid, an important essential fatty acid for support throughout a woman's monthly
cycle, and it helps keep the skin healthy. Each softgel contains
1,300 mg of our exclusive OmegaTru EPO.
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Seaweed: Seaweed is a good natural source of trace mineral and is a natural thyroid
stimulant. Norwegian Kelp Seaweed 550 mg 250 Capsules
Product Features
•        Kelp, a large, leafy brown algae, is a good source of marine minerals, including
potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.
Product Description
Norwegian Kelp seaweed contains nearly thirty minerals which nourish the glands,
especially the thyroid and pituitary. Kelp, also known as seaweed, grows in the rich ocean
beds, far below surface pollution levels.
Psyllium: Studies show that the granules of these seeds consumed with water before a meal
helps control the appetite. This herb causes an instant reduction of appetite by making the
stomach feel full. The full feeling leads to less caloric and fat consumption.Psyllium Husks
610 mg 100 Caps
Product Features
•        One of nature's best sources of soluble fiber
•        Promotes bowel regularity for gastrointestinal health
•        Naturally promotes a healthy serum lipid profile for cardio maintenance
Product Description
Product Description
A natural fiber source that not only helps maintain bowel regularity, it also promotes
cardiovascular health! Used for centuries as a natural colon cleanser, psyllium seed husks'
rich soluble fiber content makes them a valuable nutritional tool for healthy cholesterol and
cardiovascular maintenance when used as part of a diet low in saturated fat.
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Queen's Flower: Queen's flower has been shown to be one of the most effective plant used
in alternative weight control and diabetes.

Full-Spectrum Passion Flower 500 Mg 60 Caps
Product Description
Product Description
Soften the rough edges of your daily life with passion flower, an age-old herb that's recently
been "rediscovered" as a natural aid for reducing nervous energy. While scientists
continue to investigate the components within the herb that are responsible for its unique
benefits, we're pleased to offer this quality, full-spectrum supplement featuring whole-herb
passion flower to help gently take the edge off your stressful days
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Herbs can be taken in using different methods. Infusion involves using the soft part of the
herb plant including the leaves, flowers, and the whole herb. Infusion of herbs is much like
tea is made. Boiling water is poured over the plant and allowed to steep. Then liquid is then
strained and the liquid is consumed. Honey may be added to the infusion liquid to improve
the bitter taste. With decoction, the tough part of the plant-the bark, root, twig and stem are
simmered for about thirty minutes and then consumed.

Juice can also be made using small pieces of the herb. The juice is taken right after it is
made because the vitamin content declines rapidly. This method works well for getting
vitamins and are sensitive to heat. Tinctures are often considered the best way to take
herbal supplements. It is a good way to take well-preserved herbs. During this method, the
herb is soaked in alcohol or a water mixture. The mixture is pressed and this makes the

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